Review Of Objects, Public and Private and Ch. 5

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Syntax Versus Style

  • Enforcement:
    • How is syntax enforced?
    • How is style enforced?
    • Which one can vary and why?
  • Whitespace
  • What needs to match?
  • Class, method, variable names.
    • Identify bad names.
  • Reserved words.
    • No need to memorize all of them.
    • Why are they reserved?
    • Are they allways lower case?
  • Syntax of if, else, while, for.
    • Statements or blocks that are controlled.
  • Comments.
    • Purposes of comments.
    • Javadoc comments.
  • Nesting.
  • Importing.

UrukHai Lesson

  • main() is usually used to create objects.
  • Instance fields versus class fields.
  • Which do objects have? Which do classes have?
  • What is an instance?
  • Where are local variables? When do they exist?
  • What do public and private have to do with visibility of methods and variables?
  • What are accessors and modifiers, and how do their names usually start?
    • Is that syntax or style?
  • Understand the memory layout of variables.
    • Basic types and objects.
  • Understand when non-static methods can be called.
    • Can they be called in main()? Why or why not?
    • When can static methods be called?
    • What does static mean when you are making fields?
  • What is the idea of encapsulation?
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