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White And Nerdy (Huben 2012) 28 EM Re 4.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip

MH0321A = (MH0034F * Ace Up My Sleeve)
Price: Held For Increase


My finest near-white rebloomer yet!

Sib to Snowy Stella, White And Nerdy has everything you could want except a bagel form. It is one of the very few LARGE continuous rebloomers, at 4.5 inches, and may be the only one that is not yellow. It is whiter than any tetraploid "white", has a green throat, good ruffling and heavy diamond dusting. At 16 buds, it has more than twice the budcount of Stella De Oro, and sends up three sets of scapes in my garden. In optimal conditions, it will bloom 11 weeks or more. It is vigorous and has excellent foliage.

This one is named for my personal theme song, "Weird Al" Yankovic's "I'm Too White & Nerdy". When I greet my new students in the fall, I tell them that I may mispronounce their multi-ethnic names because I have a handicap: I'm too white and nerdy. Even if they don't know the song (and many do), they warm up.

White And Nerdy is one of the most important breeders in my program. It is pod and pollen fertile. When crossed to other continuous rebloomers, it throws a high percentage of reblooming kids. Even more interesting, it tends to throw great color clarity, high budcount, large green throats and a great deal of green in sepals as well. Look at some of the descendents below for examples.


  • Snowy Stella Snowy Stella (Huben 2007) 24 E Re 3.25, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
    MH0257C = (MH0034F * Ace Up My Sleeve)
    At any northern nursery, Stella De Oro sells like hotcakes because customers are told it reblooms. The question most often heard is “Do you have it in other colors?" At last, Stella De Oro’s rebloom is available in a near-white. Snowy Stella is definitely a near-white, and definitely a very strong northern rebloomer. It increases very well, has an excellent stature, 16 buds on erect scapes, blooms are well presented, has a nice clump form, and pretty much all the fans rebloom. Scapes are somewhat staggered too: that prevents gaps in the bloom. Compared to Stella De Oro, the flowers are similar in size and form. The scapes have twice as many buds, and the continual rebloom is far more certain and abundant. The plants are slightly shorter, and bloom starts a week or two later.
    $20 DF


  • MH0805K MH0805K (Huben )
    (Kanai Sensei * White And Nerdy)

  • MH0806R MH0806R (Huben )
    (But I Repeat Myself * White And Nerdy)

  • MH0835A MH0835A (Huben ) ? ? Re ?, NearWhite Self, ? Dip
    (Height Of Fashion * White And Nerdy)

  • MH0837A MH0837A (Huben ) 24 EM 4, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
    (MH0416A * White And Nerdy)

  • MH0901V MH0901V (Huben )
    (MH9760F * White And Nerdy)

  • MH0902S MH0902S (Huben )
    (MH0315C * White And Nerdy)
    • MH1102.12 MH1102.12 (Huben ) 22 EM Re 3.25, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
      (Accentuate The Green * MH0902S)

    • MH1102A MH1102A (Huben ) 22 EM Re 3.25, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
      (Accentuate The Green * MH0902S)
      Rapid increase! Rebloom isn't heavy.

    • MH1104.4 MH1104.4 (Huben ) 30 E Re 3, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
      (Green Effusion * MH0902S)
      very white, IRe! 4br18bu

    • MH1107N MH1107N (Huben ) 20 E Re 3.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip Ufo
      (MH0319A * MH0902S)
      Instant rebloom, extremely white, spatulate, few buds
      • MH1331E MH1331E (Huben ) 26 E Re 3.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
        (Helicopter * MH1107N)
        You know how sometimes the first bloom is all you need to decide on an introduction? MH1331E opened today, and looks like Nutmeg Elf in near-white.

    • MH1109K MH1109K (Huben ) 24 E Re 3, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
      (Vanilla Stella * MH0902S)
      Excellent substance, sunfast, very white.

    • MH1115E MH1115E (Huben ) 30 E Re 3.25, Yellow Self, Dor Dip
      (A Small Multitude * MH0902S)
      4 scapes from a single fan! First scape 6branches and 46 buds, later 27, 28, 10+ buds.

    • MH1115R MH1115R (Huben ) 26 E 3.25, Melon Self, Dor Dip
      (A Small Multitude * MH0902S)
      6br44bu, no bud drop, wide blunt sepals, tailored, bonsai scape, excellent increase

    • MH1115X MH1115X (Huben ) 34 E Re 3.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
      (A Small Multitude * MH0902S)
      Tall, slender, graceful scapes with loads of buds and reblooms! 4br28bu, opens flat, sunfast, melon side of near-white.

    • MH1211.10 MH1211.10 (Huben ) 20 EM 3.5, NearWhite Self, Dor Dip
      (Helicopter * MH0902S)
      A first attempt to bring narrow forms into white rebloomer lines. Not as narrow or white as the ultimate goal, and no sign of rebloom yet. Maybe next year.

    • Porcelain Porcelain (Huben 2018) 34 EM 3.25, Melon Self, Dor Dip
      (A Small Multitude * MH0902S)
      I knew that A Small Multitude held a multitude of possibilities for breeding. I knew it might pass the branching and budcount, and I knew it could throw melon flowers. I had already seen many seedlings from it. But Porcelain blew me away. It has small, round, pansy-faced, pale melon blooms with a green throat and wide, blunt sepals on amazingly well-branched scapes. I count 5 branches with up to 48 buds. But more importantly, the behavior of Porcelain is special. In my awful garden with droughty conditions and record high populations of aphids and thrips, it still had the awesome budcount AND it did not drop buds (though almost everything else did.) A good increaser, but only a mediocre seed setter. Though it comes from rebloom lines, it does not rebloom for me. It might in the south.


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